Developing a new
Microsoft Access Database

What is my background?
I have a strong background in software development and programming. I have worked in many large companies honing my skills in Access Database Development as well as spending a period working in Software Quality Control, and since 2001 I have worked as an independent Access Database Developer.

My approach to Access Database Development

  • My databases display clear messages
  • No database jargon
  • I always produce databases that have a clean user interface, only displaying items that you require by providing a customised ribbon at the top of your Access Database, not the full Access interface which can be confusing to users
  • I provide feedback messages that are clear and not the default messages displayed by Access
  • I make the default actions to questions the safe option, Access by default does not!
  • I produce clear forms showing data in a logical way
  • I develop database reports that can be run against many selection criteria, for example for a date range, or a particular customer
  • I will organise your data efficiently
  • I can import data from existing database systems or other files such as Excel or CSV files

Why use me to undertake the development of your new Access Database?

I work from a home-based office and the benefit of working with me is that you always deal with me, not a manager that manages a team and is not really up to date regarding the process of your Access Database Development. I can work during hours when your business is normally closed, so can undertake installations and updates with minimal disruption to your working patterns.

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